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What customers are saying

Erich Schobbert Custom Process Control Applications July 2011- "When I started writing industrial process control applications in
the late 1990's I looked around for a GUI frontend for my preferred programming language Rexx and found MAID. Ever since then
I wrote many such applications under Windows from NT 4.0 up to Windows 7 using MAID versions from 1.5 until the latest,
version 4.0. and I am very satisfied with it. Especially useful is the outstanding and fast support by LesTec in case of trouble,
even though I am living in Germany and LesTec is located on the opposite side of the world. Thanks a lot!"

USAA USA - "We have the following version of MAID installed under Win NT 4: Modular And Integrated Design Version 1.5 with IBM Object REXX for Windows NT and Windows 95 (Interpreter Edition)."

EDB Norway - "We are now running LesTecML V3.1 under Windows Server 2008. It works well."

International Reviews

Full Review  Melbourne Age - "OS/2-eCS interfaces made easy with MAID scripting editor."

Full Review  PC Week - "MAID developer app wins OS/2-eCS honours."

Full Review  Software Magazine - "Applications can be built up piece by piece, integrating modules over time into a complex environment."

Full Review  PC Review - "A friendly interface for user-vicious applications, or simply as the simplest way to build a snazzy interface for your software."

Full Review  South African Computer Week - "It is easy for non-programmers to do what until now only programmers could do."

Full Review  APC (Australia) - "With so many features and configurable variables, it doesn't take long to get the hang of MAID, and you'll find yourself creating visually impressive dialogs in no time."  Original Review

Full Review  OS/2-eCS Inside (Germany) - "ein interessantes und leistungsfahiges Produkt."

The Electronic Developer Magazine For OS/2-eCS  MAID

The Electronic Developer Magazine For OS/2-eCS  LesTecIO

The Electronic Developer Magazine For OS/2-eCS  REXXIO

Updates and News

New update for MAID 1.5 for OS/2 and eComStation
Over 300 controls in a single dialog
NOW AUD$25 Export
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